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jnxed18's Journal

21 April
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A college student trying to finish so she can leave her parents and explore the world on her own. A fun-sized (lol...I'm pretty short) Hispanic girl with long black hair, big brown eyes hidden behind black plastic framed glasses. I spend most of my time in front of my laptop searching for random things and working on getting my degree in journalism (my excuse for being nosy). I listen to my iPod constantly (Arctic Monkeys, Lady Gaga, Chester French...to name a few) and disappear into my own imaginary world. I want to get out there and travel the world and meet different people and experience different things(even if I do live in the center of it all in NYC). Love watching movies (latest obsession-anything I've already read like 'Choke' and anything with Gerard Butler in it...his accent gives me tingles (lol)). Just a girl living in a strict parents world...